Quick Update!

For a while, I have been working on identifying what the main focus of my blog should be and how to still remain true to myself and the people who read my blog posts. While I was working on some volunteer work, it hit me!. I have not come across any blogs about african women … Continue reading Quick Update!


Hello, Readers. Sorry for the long vacation. But I will be back in the community soon to share stories about my vision and other things of interest to the visually impaired and blind community. I am working on redesigning Maono Ya Chini and making more of an impact in the community. As my readers, I … Continue reading Re-Design

Conversation in BioEthics: Disability

Hello Readers, My current university is providing a talk on disability and bringing more awareness to it. It is called the Conversation in Bioethics: Disability. I hope that you all are able to tune in and experience the panelists. WATCH HERE (Live Video): https://kennedyinstitute.georgetown.edu/cib/ The story behind this year's topic. Did you know? This year’s topic … Continue reading Conversation in BioEthics: Disability