Quick Update!

For a while, I have been working on identifying what the main focus of my blog should be and how to still remain true to myself and the people who read my blog posts. While I was working on some volunteer work, it hit me!. I have not come across any blogs about african women … Continue reading Quick Update!


Today marks day one of Low Vision Awareness Month. This month I hope to share information daily about low vision and teach others who do not know about low vision. I have taken the first step in creating apparel that is advocated for my blog and to bring awareness to being an African American female … Continue reading #LowVisionAwareness

A Week In Headwraps

I am a lover and huge supporter of headwraps especially being that my ancestors wore headwraps on a regular. But, this past week was the first time that I wore headwraps for a whole week. Let me tell you, I felt empowered and even more confident. I didn't wear a headwrap to cover up the … Continue reading A Week In Headwraps