Quick Update!

For a while, I have been working on identifying what the main focus of my blog should be and how to still remain true to myself and the people who read my blog posts. While I was working on some volunteer work, it hit me!. I have not come across any blogs about african women … Continue reading Quick Update!

What’s Next?…..

As a blogger, my goal is to always have an open platform where individuals can communicate and come together. So what does that mean for Maono Ya Chini and you??? Blind / Visually Impaired Women virtual meet-up Audiobook Club Maono Ya Chini Vlog Even more disability advocacy & resources And much more So please stay … Continue reading What’s Next?…..

My 2017 in Review

2017 was here and is now gone. So Happy New Year and welcome 2018. I absolutely enjoyed the year of 2017. 2017 taught me many things about myself as a woman, a friend, a sibling, a professional and a partner. Last year I was tested and fought hard to overcome my struggles with life and … Continue reading My 2017 in Review