😎 Vision Update

Its that time of the year again for me to do my annual eye exam. I love it and hate it all at the same time. But, the best part about it is getting new frames. My favorite part of my annual eye exam. Stay tuned for what those will look like. Because I am … Continue reading 😎 Vision Update

Conversation in BioEthics: Disability

Hello Readers, My current university is providing a talk on disability and bringing more awareness to it. It is called the Conversation in Bioethics: Disability. I hope that you all are able to tune in and experience the panelists. WATCH HERE (Live Video): https://kennedyinstitute.georgetown.edu/cib/ The story behind this year's topic. Did you know? This year’s topic … Continue reading Conversation in BioEthics: Disability


Today marks day one of Low Vision Awareness Month. This month I hope to share information daily about low vision and teach others who do not know about low vision. I have taken the first step in creating apparel that is advocated for my blog and to bring awareness to being an African American female … Continue reading #LowVisionAwareness