#ANTM Season 23 Update

The number of girls left is getting smaller, and we are getting closer to knowing who is.............(drumroll please)..........America's Next Top Model. Here is a Recap on who has left: Episode 5: Giah Episode 6: Krislian Episode 7: Kyle I'm sad to see them go. But they have failed to wow the judges and we all … Continue reading #ANTM Season 23 Update

ANTM Review: Episode 2 & 3

We are finally getting into the season of where the women will be changed for the better of the business and will have to redefine themselves as a 'Boss', 'Business' and 'Brand'. After watching these two episodes, I am hooked and will continue to watch every episode this season. Now on to my reviews of … Continue reading ANTM Review: Episode 2 & 3

IT’S BACK……America’s Next Top Model (ANTM)!!

I hope you are excited as I am to tune into the new season of America's Next Top Model. As some of us know, America's Next Top Model is back. And it new and revamped with the same values. I was very excited to watch this season especially since hearing about all the controversary that … Continue reading IT’S BACK……America’s Next Top Model (ANTM)!!