What’s Next?…..

As a blogger, my goal is to always have an open platform where individuals can communicate and come together. So what does that mean for Maono Ya Chini and you??? Blind / Visually Impaired Women virtual meet-up Audiobook Club Maono Ya Chini Vlog Even more disability advocacy & resources And much more So please stay … Continue reading What’s Next?…..

My 2017 in Review

2017 was here and is now gone. So Happy New Year and welcome 2018. I absolutely enjoyed the year of 2017. 2017 taught me many things about myself as a woman, a friend, a sibling, a professional and a partner. Last year I was tested and fought hard to overcome my struggles with life and … Continue reading My 2017 in Review


Hello, Readers. Sorry for the long vacation. But I will be back in the community soon to share stories about my vision and other things of interest to the visually impaired and blind community. I am working on redesigning Maono Ya Chini and making more of an impact in the community. As my readers, I … Continue reading Re-Design