What to do?

Driving is a task, chore and no longer fun. I use to love driving and taking long road trips. But what do you do when driving in the evening is difficult. I literally cried on my way coming home because I felt like something bad could happen at any moment. What to do? What can I do to overcome some of these fears I have?

It’s is too the point where I have already started planning out what I what to do in the next couple of months, but I wish it was sooner. Things with my vision are becoming even more difficult and I feel like God is testing me at every moment to see what actions I will take. I see no wrong in showing emotion during the times of difficulty because I am weak and I’m human.

Having a conversation with God will lighten up my mood and bring changes. But we shall see what happens.


    1. Thank you. And I completely agree. I thought I had really accepted everything that comes with vision loss. But I am seeing that I have accepted some things, but not all. I think with time, I slowly begin to accept those other things.

      Thanks for reading!

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