By s.e. smith: “Disabled Children Aren’t Burdens — or Angels”

Disability Visibility Project

The Disability Visibility Project posted many articles in the past about inspiration porn and misconceptions about people with disabilities. One thing is for sure—disability is multidimensional and nuanced. Extreme caricatures about disability only de-humanize and ‘other’ us.

Our media partner, s.e. smith, recently published a blog post on September 25, 2014, “Disabled Children Aren’t Burdens — or Angels” Below are some excerpts from her piece.

In popular narratives, disabled children seem to be framed continually as either one of two things. They are either precious angels sent to Earth to teach us all a lesson, or they’re burdens dragging on the lives of their parents and family members, who are forced to make tremendous sacrifices for them. Neither is true, and both are incredibly harmful not just for disabled children, but also for the adults who they grow into — because strangely enough, disability doesn’t stop at childhood, and…

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