Thrifty Thursdays: 10 Goodies for Under $25

Bold Blind Beauty

Good Looks for Less

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There is an upside to having traits of OCD (not to be confused with the actual disorder), for me it’s consistency. Taking a systematic approach to life has allowed some ideals from childhood to remain with me to this day. One of those things is my belief that you do not need to mortgage your home to look nice.

Back in August of this year I poked fun at my view of the word cheap (you can view the post HERE). This outlook I carried with me into adulthood and as a matter of fact the only designer clothes I wore came from consignment stores. It’s not that I don’t have an appreciation for high-end apparel, (there is a world of difference between designer and off the rack clothing) however, with a little ingenuity you can look great for less…

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