Ebola: African Lives Matter Too!!

Thoughts of an Everyday Pan-Africanist

ebola picture 1

Ebola has been wreaking havoc on West Africa since the outbreak began a few months ago.  The Center for Disease Control reports that as of August 28th there are a total of 3069 cases suspected and confirmed.  According to the CDC the likely hosts are bats with a 55-60% fatality rate with the virus being transmitted through bodily fluids.  It has also been reported that there has been an outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that is a different strain from the West African strain but is just as dangerous.  What is troubling about the Ebola viruses’ impact on the African continent is perhaps not the fact that two “American Doctors” were given experimental drugs and flown out of Liberia for Emory University Hospital to receive premiere treatment.  (This act clearly reinforces the importance of “American” lives over the lives of Africans at home or abroad).  However, what is…

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