When terror goes viral, we must answer the call for liberty

This disheartening. What happened to people hashing problems out without violence to prove a point? What is our world coming too?



“Terror now being tweeted” the headline wrote. Boko Harum recently tweeted photos of innocent men being herded into a truck, machine-gun fire and dead men falling out of the truck.
Syrians are using all sorts of horrendous weapons and chemicals against each other.
The rise of tyranny was uploaded instantly throughout the Middle-East.
Boastings of church burnings were viewed on Youtube.

In the not so distant past, we learned of Stalin’s gulags. We were shocked at Hitlers camps of death. We wept for those killed under Pol Pot.

In the not so distant past, the West had an authority. A moral authority. Whilst from perfect, we had a mandate of liberty. Something so precious – a principle of liberty and a code of personal responsibility. There was a sanctity of marriage. Where unborn babies were not killed by the tens of thousands. It wasn’t perfect – far from it –…

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