Facebook: Fan Page, Personal Page or Both?

B. Due

woman running on wheel Right now I have a personal page and a fan page on Facebook. I’m trying to figure out how to use both or just move to one page to manage. I’m not doing a great job of managing either… I’m not consistent.

I understand that on my personal page I’m limited to 5000 friends, but I can have unlimited followers. I kinda wish I had stuck with my personal page only.

I have about 5000 or more likes on my fan page but I’m not sure I’m doing a great job managing this page. My blog posts go to my fan page, but I need to be more engaging. Maybe I should start doing more contests and giveaways???

I feel like I have too many friends on both pages to give up on either. I’ve thought about asking friends to move over to the other page (either way)… but I’m not sure about…

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