Spring, Where art Thou?

It is the First Day of April and it seems like Spring still has not yet made it’s mark. It’s coming in as slow as the tortoise racing against the hare. I’m ready for sunny days, warm mornings, cool evenings and fresh breeze. I’m ready to wear free-flowing dresses, sandals, paint my nails and short sleeves. I’m ready for the barbecues, sitting out on the porch, taking a walk and playing outside. There are many things I await as this Spring weather begins to make its entrance. But it is taking entirely too long.


  1. I envy those of you that have been blessed with snow, any amount at all. We didn’t see even one single flake of it this winter. Spring has moved straight on to summer here. It got into the 90s here today. We usually get to 100 degrees before the end of April. I wish the cooler weather would stay here longer!
    Have a great evening. 🙂


    1. Lol snow has its ups & downs and we have just been overwhelmed with it. We would love some of your warm weather.

      I hope it cools down. Because that sounds toooo hot. Be safe in the heat & drink plenty water


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