The Interior of my Intellect

Almost everyday, I am writing in my little journal named after my blog. I have so many ideas and things I want to do, create, change and SHARE. In my own little head, I tell myself, I will be the Superwoman for the Visually Impaired community. It may sound funny. But that is my dream & ambition that I will accomplish in the years to come. And honestly, I have to give credit, thanks and appreciation Β to Ms. Stephanae McCoy. She is really the inspiration to my enormous ideas and dreams that I have for the Blind and Visually Impaired community.

Being an Information Technology student, I am immediately drawn to being innovative, inventive, imaginative and creative. Those are just few of the many qualities that come with studying that. Or maybe that is just my perception on it. But I love it. The idea that you get to change something or even anything to the way you want it to be, is GREAT!. And that is one of the many reasons why I fall in love, more and more with technology. Its my world, it describes who I am and how I see the world. It has taught that our minds are a powerful weapon that make or break things in this modern world. I always used my brain as a way to see outside of the box and think a little different than the average human.

Exercising all these intellectual elements has allowed to bring that into the world of blogging and being a self-advocate. My main goal is INTERACT, INTERACT, INTERACT and CHANGE THE WORLD!. It may sound like much but, that is what I want to do. I want to change the face of Information Technology for the Blind and Visually Impaired community. And once I do that, it is nothing to change the views and ideas of society. Even though that may be a troubling task and I am up for it.

These ideas in my head will leave the pages of my journal and turn into reality, my reality and the future of society.


  1. The snapshot collage of the interior of your intellect is cool. We all want the beauteous invisible within us to be visible outside us. At least in bloggers’ land, it looks like you are all over that. β€” The Healing Garden gardener


  2. I agree with you in this post. Stephanae is doing something amazing, in that I often push beauty and simply wanting to look stylish to the back of my mind, because it can be so difficult sometimes. She does a lot to make it all okay for any visually impaired woman who wants to look her best in the extremely visual society we live in.
    I agree that technology is probably our best bet in getting the world to see how capable we really are. It has opened doors for even me, someone who barely even gave technology a chance ten years ago.
    I am still pretty bad at it. I can write, but the technology part is still a huge work-in-progress for me. I hope to get better, but it does not come naturally to me as writing and self-expression do.
    If there’s ever anything, any ideas you may have about ways to make ourselves heard through blogging or anything else, I am always up for getting involved.

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    1. Steph is great when it comes to visually impaired women feeling beautiful about themselves. She covers every aspect of it and brings a beautiful bright light to fashion for us. Technology will always be a work in progress, it’s just what it is, but you will learn to love and it the more you use it. Plus technology is always changing so there is always a chance to learn

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