Living Independently

Young & Disabled

So it has got to that point where you have had your education and finished at your school and it is time to move out and begin your own life, living independently. For some young adults with a disability this idea may seem very daunting and for some it may not even be an option. However, everyone has the right to give living independently a try. Around 1 in 5 adults in the UK are disabled and more than 1 million of them actually live alone!

With the right support and facilities there is no reason as to why a young adult with a physical or learning disability can’t live independently, it is very achievable. Just because you are no longer living under the roof of a parent or carer doesn’t mean you stop getting or are no longer entitled to support from social services.

There are a few…

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  1. Oh, wow. This blog is awesome… and the tagline is similar to mine, “seeing life from the blindness prospective.”
    Well I guess I aught not to introduce myself, my username making it obvious, that I like severe thunderstorms, and my name is Steve. So I heard you’ve been chatting with my dad, shawn, on facebook?
    He’s a cool guy, in case you didn’t know already. Just don’t tell him I said that.
    But anyway, since I don’t want this comment to turn into a 500 word long introductory speech, I guess I’ll wrap this up. Go to if you want to, well, contact me. I refuse to give out any other information on this, especially since other people can see it… no pun intended.


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