Trending Tuesdays: Attention Seeking Red

Bold Blind Beauty

Red is…

Image of a heart drawn with crayon February is National Heart Healthy Month

Red is fiery, strength, power, determination, passion, desire and love. Remember how last week I talked about red and how I was initially timid to use it within my wardrobe because I didn’t think I could carry off?

I think now I understand why I had such misgivings. The color red is all those things I mentioned but it is also the color that extroverts prefer. Being an introvert at heart, I now think that my fear was tied to receiving attention and appearing fake.

Introverted I am, but I’m also extremely passionate about morals, values and causes close to my heart. Once I came to this conclusion, I added a little “fake it until you make it” to the recipe and confidence was the natural result.

Bright red oversized fedora hat Bright red oversized fedora hat

You might be thinking “using a white cane or…

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