Out of Order

College on Crutches

No classes today meant not having to leave my room at all-hooray! I am very thankful for the time I’ve had to catch up on some reading, cleaning, and resting in my dorm without having to brave the cold. My dorm is having a dance tonight but since I don’t know many people and I didn’t want to go, I decided to stay in my room. My plan was to get some laundry done while everyone was gone (yes, one of the many joys of campus living is waiting for the perfect time to use one of the SIX washing machines that all 300 of us have to share). As I was talking to my roommate, though, she informed me that the elevator is currently broken.


Okay, so for able-bodied people, this would be no big deal. Most of them don’t use the elevator anyways, but for those that do…

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