The Art of Patience

Two Blind to ...

Technology has come a long way, baby.  You may have caught Microsoft’s ad during the Superbowl that celebrated this:

Hashtag #empowering.  Yes, Microsoft – it sure is empowering.  Technology no longer insights visions of coders pecking away at keyboards and speaking with a jargon understood by few.  Hear the word, “technology,” today, and you might think, “Should I get that new iPhone?” (iPhone = all-powerful computer machine in your pocket able to connect you to anywhere in the globe or beyond at the push of a button.)  Or, you might think, “Will that kid ever put down his Xbox controller?”  (Xbox = analytical skills developer/eye-hand coordination trainer via a veritable flight simulator combined with artificial intelligence and the ability to cooperate internationally in real time.)  Yes, we are empowered.  Every one of us is reaping the benefits of brilliant scientists’ hard work and competitive spirit.  But those of us who…

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