Mind the Closing Doors

Loved it. We learn new things about ourselves and out disabilities every day

Adventures in Low Vision

I try to be thoughtful. Maybe since my eyesight isn’t so good anymore, I should rethink this life policy. Not globally, but for select situations.

For example, isn’t it great when you’re only a few steps after someone, approaching a building entrance, and the person in front of you holds the door for that split-second or two. Eyes connect, a nod of the head, and the transfer of pressing the door rests with you. You glance over a shoulder for people arriving, no one’s there, so you go on your way, releasing the door. Easy, simple, straightforward. Except it’s not with low vision.

I scan. If someone is right there, I endure that awkward transition (for me), but hey, I held the door for someone. A gesture of humanity in these modern times.

Then there’s my favorite situation. The one where I’m holding the door for someone I don’t realize…

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