New Discovery for Glasses Lovers

So I cam across this great site on twitter. The site is called EyeWear Insight. This site is amazing for playing around with it for a little bit. FINALLY affordable glasses for a discounted price and you can include you prescription in your order. LIKE HOW COOL IS THAT!! You can probably tell that I am excited. But if you are a bargain hunter, you will love a site like this. Please do check it out and explore and possibly purchases some new frames. And its not only prescription, but you can order them as fashion glasses also! This site has moved on the ranks for my place to go to get my back up glasses. I love my optometrist, but i rather save that extra $200+ that i would have to spend their.

So please do check EyeWear Insight. I will provide the link below! 🙂 (banner from the website)



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