Why Accessibility?

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Access4Why Accessibility?

There is a tendency among us to think that the world can be measured and served with the same scale because everyone’s the same. But the reality is not anything like that. We are people with different abilities and some among us are differently-abled as well. Whatever we do, when we don’t include everyone, it’s not the same.

Publishing books only for those who are visually and aurally adept is not acceptable. There are book lovers who are visually impaired, aurally challenged and dyslexic. No one ought to exclude them since there are so many new initiatives and aides brought forth by different agencies to accommodate everyone. There’s no excuse for excluding the interests of the differently-abled. Reiterating this notion with our new Accessibility adage – The world is a better place when everyone is included.

Lets make reading more accessible to everyone. – http://www.aeldata.com


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