New Year, New Sights

With the new year coming, I am looking very forward to experiencing new things and learning more. Its a standard that when the new year comes, you should have a list of “New Year Resolutions”. To be honest, I find that stupid, why keep yourself guarded to a list in which you will not or may not even follow through by the end of year. My resolution is to “Take each day one step at a time and enjoy the beauty around you”. Hence the name of this post, everyday is a new day to learn something, interact with someone new and see something new. A list of things will not provide that for you or someone like me. I love being optimistic, just like my vision. There will be days I can see my best and days my vision acts a little funny, but it happens. So why mope around about different vision episodes when you can do something that will better not only your future, but others. For the start of 2014, I wanted to be more involved in the visually impaired community because we are a small community. 


So for 2014, LET YOUR HAIR DOWN AND LET LOOSE! You have much more coming in store for this new year. Because I know do, so stay tuned :D.

2014 here I come 


  1. Amen!! I did away with New Year’s resolutions about 5 or so years ago because as you say I would have the good intentions of following through but I never did. One day at a time, that’s the way to do it!


    1. Lol you aren’t the only one. I thinks its ridiculous for people to make then because you never know how the year is going to turn out. So we have to take everything in one day at a time and appreciate it


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