Week 11 – 11/12/2013

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Making the Web ‘Usable’ and ‘Accessible’

This week in Web

This week focused on making webpages usable and accessible and the compromise between focusing on one over the other. The lecture looked at the different subjects that relate to web page design, such as Psychology. There are also the fundamental principles of universal design, such as the need for flexibility in use and low physical effort when in use.

Weekly Reading

The first weekly reading from Nielsen, J and Faber, J.M. (2011) looks at improving system usability. The authors first discuss the need for companies to reduce the length of their web development time in order to produce web pages quicker than their competitors. They also understand customers “demanding higher usability”, which do not mix well together, with more usability taking more time to implement. The author’s next look at the use of “iterative design” and the need for three…

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